German History

German Culture
Germany´s rich, varied and complex history doesn´t only color its past. From architecture, museums and the country´s states, to politics and media, it touches and influences the present.

A Link to a Time of a Divided Germany star
The end of WWII brought about a divided Germany. One part had three sections run by the US, Britain and France, the other was ruled by the Soviet Union. Then a wall was built.

A Link to Historic Germany star
The ages of Germany, from pre-history, as part of the Roman Empire, the Medieval Era and up until contemporary history, are showcased throughout the country by routes, museums, entities and regions.

A Link to Historical Traditions and Customs star
There is a strong sense of continuity in Germany, and many of the traditions still followed today, from Passion Plays and May Day to Midsummer Madness and Garden Gnomes reach back centuries.

A Link to WWII - Before, During and After star
World War Two not only involved six years of fighting. People, places and events were involved and affected post and pre-war.

Cologne Cathedral - Story of a Gothic Masterpiece star
It took over 600 years to complete Cologne Cathedral. Construction began when the city was part of the Holy Roman Empire but wasn´t finished until 1880, in a newly United Germany with Wilhelm I as its first Emperor. A stunning building it is one of the country´s most important monuments.

German American Heritage star
German immigrants to the USA made a huge contribution to its culture, economy and technology. From introducing Santa Claus, founding breweries, popularizing ketchup, producing Presidents to establishing banking, industrial and philanthropic dynasties and designing the Brooklyn Bridge.

German Gummi Bears, the Cult Candy star
Gummy Bears began life in the early 20th century as ´Fruit Gummi Dancing Bears´, based on a Teddy Bear and dancing bears, in a small German confectionery company.Today they are a cult candy, not only for children but also "grown-ups", used for couture dresses, party "Hedgehogs" and Vodka cocktails.

Germany and its Turkish German Communities star
There was no history of immigration in Germany when the first Turkish ‘guest workers’ arrived as cheap labor to fuel the country’s ‘Economic Miracle’. Not expected to stay fifty years later Turkish Germans have powered German industry, settled in its cities and their influence is seen everywhere.

Germany, its Neighbours and a New Image star
From its central position at the heart of today’s European Union Germany lives in peace and harmony with its neighbours, however this was not always the case. What image does modern Germany have in the eyes of its neighbours? A cross section of Europeans from eighteen countries were asked, with interesting results.

Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power star
A fascinating insight to the pre-World War II days of Nazi Germany from the viewpoint of well known American journalists, diplomats and socialites who lived in, or visited, the country at the time.

Munich Olympics 1972, From Dream to Terror star
The dream that was broken. Munich's 1972 Summer Olympic Games, scene of the Munich Massacre. Its Olympic Park a revolutionary, pioneering design. Sweeping acrylic glass canopies symbolized a new democratic, transparent, optimistic Germany, their shape a panoramic view of the Bavarian Alps.

Stolpersteine, Stones of Remembrance star
Stolpersteine, Stumbling stones, the memorial built one stone at a time. Small golden "memory" blocks embedded in sidewalks, in front of homes where victims of Nazism last lived freely, bearing their names and documenting their lives with the barest of details.

The Day of German Unity star
German Unity Day - Tag der Deutschen Einheit on October 3 commemorates the day in 1990 the German Democratic Republic, (East Germany), became part of the Federal Republic of Germany, (West Germany). Following the first peaceful revolution in history.

The German American Experience star
Perhaps because German Americans stem from a mixed community, which settled in the USA over a wide span of time, they assimilated quickly into their new homeland. Using their skills, discipline and different talents, household names or unknown, they had an enormous influence on American society.

The Modern Car, It All Began With Benz star
From a love story the modern automobile was born.Mercedes Benz began as a dream, but Bertha Benz believed in her husband Carl and his vision of a Horseless Carriage. Patented on January 29, 1886, she made the first ever long distance journey with an internal combustion engine powered vehicle.

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