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Dressed to Kilt Book Review
The third installment of the Scottish Highland Mystery Series is a fun novel. When a local spinster is found drowned in a large vat of whiskey, Eden Elliott, an outsider helps to solve the murder.

Run Away Book Review
Simon and Ingrid are brokenhearted that their oldest daughter, Paige, has become a drug addict and has run away with an abusive boyfriend. She doesn't want to be found, but when Simon catches a glimpse of her, he is determined to find her and help her.

Wicked Deeds Book Review
Preston and Griffin, main characters in the Krewe of Hunters series of paranormal/romantic thrillers, find themselves involved in solving some strange murders that take place in an Edgar Allen Poe restaurant in Baltimore.

Unsub Book Review
A vicious serial killer, The Prophet, who was never caught, has resurfaced after 20 years and is committing more murders. He leaves his signature - the sign of mercury - at each scene. Caitlin Hendrix, a rookie detective is assigned to the case; her estranged father was lead 20 years prior.

A Cold Day in Hell Book Review
Lauren Riley is a detective for the Buffalo Police Department. Her specialty is cold cases, and she is very good. However, when she is convinced that a teen is innocent of a murder, she agrees to work as an investigator for the defense to get him off. It just may end her career.

Haunted House Murder Book Review
Three cozy novellas in one fun novel by favorite cozy authors Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Barbara Ross. These all include their beloved characters, and are especially suitable for reading at Halloween.

Sarah Blair Mystery Series Book Reviews
Debra Goldstein has introduced a new cozy mystery series; the characters are likable and the series is sometimes humorous and is light. This is a fun series.

Edinburgh Twilight Book Review
Ian Hamilton, a new detective, discovers a strangled body in Holyrood Park. Although he has very little experience, he is assigned the case and must find the murderer since more bodies are being discovered.

The Candy Cane Caper Book Review
Beloved character, Sadie Hoffmiller, from 12 previous culinary mysteries, is back. This time, she is not solving a murder, but trying to solve a suspicious theft of priceless ornaments that belong to her friend in a nursing home. There are plenty of suspects, and surprises in this novel.

The Unclaimed Victim Book Review
Kris Wiley refuses to believe that the body parts she is shown in the sheriff's office are those of her father. Back in the 30s there were murders that are still unsolved and the body parts she is supposed to identify as her father's fit with what happened so long ago. Is it really him?

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