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A Minute to Midnight Book Review
Atlee Pine, an FBI agent in Arizona, goes on a forced vacation to keep her job and while trying to conquer demons of her past, assists with several murders in the small town of Andersonville, Georgia. This novel will keep readers on the edge.

Importance of Being Urnest Book Review
This is the 10th novel in the Maggy Thorson Mystery series; Maggy is the co-owner of Uncommon Grounds, a popular coffee shop and likes to meddle in murder investigations. In this case, some officers are shot, including Maggy's boyfriend and she investigates.

The Rabbit Hunter Book Review
Joona Linna and Saga Bauer team up to solve a series of gruesome murders related to a bizarre nursery rhyme and a boarding school. As always, the novels in the Joona Linna series are hard to put down.

Of Spice and Men Book Review
Fans of cozy mysteries will like this third installment of The Pancake House Mystery Series. There are great recipes for breakfast and brunch treats, as well as fun characters.

Marry Christmas Murder Book Review
Mallory Shepard is a wedding planner and caterer, as well as an amateur sleuth. Her sleuthing skills are definitely needed when a stager dies while drinking a cocktail at a catered event. This one is fun

The Flight Attendant Book Review
Flight attendant, Cassie Bowden wakes up after an alcoholic blackout to find the man she had spent the night with dead. His throat had been slashed and she is also covered in blood. She is, of course, the prime suspect, but can't remember whether or not she killed him.

Bel, Book and Scandal Book Review
Seasoned chef, Bel McGrath, fancies herself as an amateur sleuth, and when she sees a picture of her best friend who disappeared decades ago, decides to investigate. Of course, she puts her life and others in danger, and there are several suspenseful moments. A fun series to read.

Death in Focus Book Review
Bestselling author Anne Perry presents the first installment in the Elena Standish series; a suspenseful novel set in pre-World War II. Elena is a great protagonist, and readers will love this historical novel.

A Deadly Eclair Book Review
Mimi Rousseau has just opened her dream bistro and inn with the financial help of her friend and mentor, Bryan Baker. Things are going well until he is found murdered. She is a prime suspect and must find the real murderer before she is locked up forever.

All the Little Liars Book Review
Roe and her new husband Robin are coping with the disappearance of Roe's half-brother, Phillip, and several of his friends. Are they still alive? How could an entire group of kids go missing? Hopefully, Roe who is an amateur sleuth, can find them before it's too late.

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