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Booze in Books
Discover books that are all about cocktails and the sprits that go into them, literary works that feature cocktail-loving characters, and other works that put booze in books in one way or another.

Booze in the News
Stories of booze in the news can be great conversation starters at parties that seem to be slow getting started or when the cat´s got your tongue. Find some liquored-up headlines right here.

Cocktail Basics
Find information on cocktails geared toward the beginner. Learn the basics of cocktails including bartending information.

Cocktail Recipes
Look for recipes for the cocktails mentioned in my articles. This recipes list is short but growing every day. And please do let me know what I´m missing.

Cocktail Terminology
Learn the most common cocktail terminology used today. Cocktail lingo will help you understand how to order that perfect martini and will prepare you for your own home bar.

Creating your Bar
In this section you will learn to create a home bar that will serve your needs whether your guest list is 2 or 20!

History of Cocktails
Learn about the history and traditions of the world’s most popular cocktails.

Liquor Laws
Every successful cocktail party host understands the social responsibilities that go along with serving alcoholic beverages to guests. Click here to see how the law affects your party.

Find tips and tricks on mixing the perfect cocktail. Learn how to shake, stir and build any cocktail.

Reasons to Party
Ready for a party but don´t have a reason? Explore these suggestions!

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