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Banning Burqas star
France and Spain are considering a ban on burqas. Is this an assault on religious freedom or could it be a welcome ban for some Muslim women?

Biggest Tax Hikes to Ever Hit? star
Is this country going to see the biggest tax hikes to ever hit?

Budget Cuts versus Union Benefit Cuts star
The fight in Wisconsin over budget cuts and union benefit cuts continues. No one has been declared a winner yet. But the rest of the nation continues to watch.

Congressman Anthony Weiner's Scandal star
The scandal of Congressman Anthony Weiner is a representation of deceit and an inability to lead with integrity. It is time that politicians are held accountable for their actions.

Dependence on Federal Government Hits Record High star
New data released shows that dependence on federal government programs hit a record high in 2010. Here is a look at the states most and least dependent on federal government.

Espionage, Terrorism and WikiLeaks star
With even more documents being leaked through WikiLeaks, should the founder be charged with espionage? Is this an act of terrorism?

Government Avoids Shutdown star
The government avoided a shutdown but is anyone really happy? Both sides still want to see more done.

Has Everyone Gone Crazy? star
The hate and anger continues to be fueled after the Arizona tragedy. When will we accept our differences peacefully?

Has Politically Correct Gone Too Far? star
Has being politically correct gone too far? If you saw the fireworks between ladies on "The View" and Bill O'Reilly you might think so.

How Should Obama Respond to Libya? star
There are some pressuring the President to do something about Libya, including the implementation of a no-fly zone. What should President Obama do about Libya?

How Will the U.S. Respond to Egypt? star
With the unrest and protests taking place in Egypt, how will the United States respond? Which side are going we to take?

Immigration Crackdown in Arizona star
The latest news on the immigration crackdown in the state of Arizona.

Iraq War to End star
The Iraq war is going to end. President Obama announces this to the nation.

Is Homeland Security Going Too Far? star
Is Homeland Security going too far with the pat-downs and scanners with full body images?

Is Japan's Nuclear Crisis a Real Threat? star
As the world watches the crisis in Japan unfold, we are left to wonder if there is a real threat of a nuclear meltdown. It also has the United States asking questions about the safety of our nuclear power plants.

Is There Such Thing as Terrorism Fatigue? star
Do you believe Americans can suffer from terrorism fatigue? The recent elevated alerts to Americans traveling in Europe hasn't raised many concerns.

O'Reilly Interview with President Obama star
A review of the Bill O'Reilly interview with President Obama during the Super Bowl coverage.

On the Fence with Libya star
I have not made a clear-cut decision on how I feel about the situation in Libya. I am on the fence, leaning in one particular direction but definitely confused about what our goals are for being there.

Our Relationship with Israel star
President Obama has suggested Israel return to 1967 borders. What is our relationship with Israel and how does their history affect our decision to support them today?

Our Relationship with Pakistan star
America needs to re-evaluate its relationship with Pakistan. It is difficult to believe they did not know of Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts and their lack of support behind our mission is speaking volumes.

Politicizing the Tragedy in Arizona star
Despite there being one man who has killed six individuals and wounded many others, including Representative Gabriel Giffords, the tragedy in Arizon has become a political opportunity for some.

Race, Religion and Politics star
Race, religion and politics stirs up a lot of hard feelings but why can't we as a country learn how to disagree without putting labels on each other?

Should Healthcare Be Repealed? star
Should Republicans be focused right now on repealing the healthcare bill?

Thankful for Our Abundance star
As Anericans we have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

The Debt Ceiling Debate star
Here is a basic explanation of the debt ceiling debate and what each side would like to see happen.

The End of Qaddafi? star
It appears to be the end of Qaddafi. A look at how President Obama deserves some credit for the end of this brutal dictator.

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden star
The world's most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden has been finally found and killed. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions before us.

U.S. Credit Rating Is Downgraded star
The downgrading of our credit rating has led to finger pointing everywhere. So who is really to blame?

United States at Highest Rate of Poverty star
Latest Census figures released this week show that more Americans are living in poverty than ever before. Meanwhile, Obama thinks the American Jobs Act will get our country back to working. Yet he has failed to tell us how it will be paid for.

Why An Oil Spill Is Really Bad News star
An oil spill is really bad news for more than one reason. The spill itself could spell disaster but it also takes our eyes off the other important issues surrounding our nation.

Wisconsin's Budget Repair Bill star
Here is an overview of the protesting that is taking place in Wisconsin due to Governor Walker's "Budget Repair Bill."

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