Declutter & Simplify

Living Simply
Let go of the excess, organize what you keep, and pass your stuff on to others who would need or love them.

30 Ways to Simplify your Life star
Simplify, declutter, downsize and you will reduce your stress and live a more peaceful life. Here are some ways you can do that.

5 Tips to Simplify Your Life star
While one thing in our life can be good, many can be too much. That’s why it’s important regularly to simplify. Here are 5 easy things you can do to simplify your life.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Book Clutter star
For the person with too many books, here are some ways of reducing your book clutter.

A Simple Way to Improve Your Bathroom star
How you can simply reduce clutter in your bathroom, and so make it easier to clean.

Be Organized in a Small House or Apartment star
Do you live in a small space? Do you want to keep it organized? These are some suggestions on ways to help you do just that.

Cleaning Out Your Closet star
If you don’t have much inspiration to clean out your closet, read this article for some helpful hints.

Clearing out a Box of Clutter star
The story of my box of clutter and how I dealt with it.

Decluttering Tips star
Clutter is not conquered by doing a lot all at once, but by dealing with little and often. Here is a list of decluttering tips to help you reduce the clutter around you.

Do You Have Too Much Stuff? star
What to do when all your stuff overwhelms you.

Email Clutter – Organize Your Inbox star
How much email do you receive? Do you deal with it correctly, or do you just store it not really knowing what to do with it? Read on to find out what to do with your email clutter.

Getting Rid of a Lot of Books star
Where books are concerned, my family decided to go fully digital. But getting rid of many, many books was not easy. Read about my project to get rid of a lot of books.

Getting Rid of Clutter star
A few simple suggestions about getting rid of clutter.

Getting Rid of Large Household Items star
Getting rid of a pile of stuff is easy compared to disposing of larger items we have around the house. Have a look at the ways to get rid of large items.

How to Get Rid of Stuff star
When you’ve decided to get rid of stuff and you have a pile of unwanted items, what next? How do you actually get rid of it? There are many ways listed here.

How to Help a Friend with Her Clutter star
Your friend needs your help. She has a lot of clutter and needs some motivation and encouragement to clear it. How do you help? Read this article and find out.

How to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home star
Do you feel like there is too much paper clutter in your home? As fast as we clear it, more piles up. Read this article to find out how to reduce paper clutter in your home.

How to Reduce Unwanted Junk Mail star
Just when you think you have paper clutter in your home organized, another pile of mail arrives, and the following day another pile. How do you stop it coming? Read this article and find out.

How to Simplify Your Life star
Are you too busy to get yourself organized? Maybe you need to get rid of things and concentrate on what matters to you instead. This article will give you suggestions for how you can simplify your life.

Kaizen – Small Increments or BabySteps star
If you want to make big changes then take small steps with Kaizen, a method of continuously making changes for the better.

Little and Often – The Key to Getting Rid of Stuff star
If you need to declutter, it's easier to do so little and often than wait for a free day and do a huge task all at once.

My Spouse is a Hoarder star
What to do when one spouse is a hoarder and the other is not.

Organizing and Decluttering a Whole House star
Sometimes our homes are so messy we just don’t know where to start. If you are overwhelmed because your whole house is messy, read this article to find out how to start decluttering it.

Organizing Your Home Office Clutter star
Paper clutter seems to grow in our homes at an alarming rate. Read this article to find out how to deal with it.

Quotes on Decluttering and Cleaning House star
Many people have a lot to say about decluttering and cleaning house and here are some quotes I’ve put together for you to read.

Reduce Stress by Simplifying Your Life star
Regardless of the lifestyle you choose to live, a simple life is free from stressful complications that rob you of peace and joy. Take a look at these ways to reduce your stress.

Simplify your Kitchen and Reduce Kitchen Clutter star
The kitchen is often the center of many homes, but it is also the center of clutter. Here are ways you can reduce kitchen clutter and so simplify your kitchen.

Simplifying your life leads to more peace star
It is my belief that the simpler your life is, the more inner peace and contentment you will have. Here are a number of things you can do to simplify your life in order to gain that peace.

The Blessings of Less star
Can you be convinced that less is better? When you do have less stuff, you are more blessed. read this article to find out more.

What is Clutter? star
Ever wonder why you have too much clutter and how you got the clutter in the first place? Read this article to find out the definition of clutter and what to do with it when you have too much.

What is Freecycle, and how do I use it? star
Have you heard of Freecycle and are wondering what it is and how you use it? Then read this article and find out.

What is the Problem with Clutter? star
Why is clutter such a problem? What is wrong with having a house full of clutter? Read the article and find out.

Where to Start Decluttering your House star
Are you paralyzed with fear about where to start decluttering your house? Then this article will help you.

Why Are We Emotionally Attached to Stuff? star
Getting rid of stuff would be easy, if it weren’t for the emotions. Why is getting rid of some stuff so difficult? Read the article and find out.

Why does Clutter Happen? star
Do you ever wonder why you have clutter in your homes, how it seems to grow when no one is looking? Read this article to find out why clutter happens.

Why is decluttering so difficult? star
Why do we have so much stuff in our homes, yet it is difficult to deal with it? Recognizing why decluttering is difficult is the first step to working out how to deal with it and conquering it.

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