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Developing a Career Path - On The Job star
Work seems to falls into two categories, jobs and careers. Do you have a job or a career? If you are not sure, most likely you have a job. You work your 9 to 5 and leave the office. If you have a career, you often take your work home with you, at least mentally.

Feeling Job Burnout? star
If you feel you’re on the verge of stressing too much because of your job, take a step back. You might be facing burnout.

Is Workplace Rudeness Bullying? star
Whether rude behavior comes from your peers, supervisors, people who work for you or visitors, nothing ruins your day faster. Workplace rudeness does more than annoy or cause hurt feelings, it also can lead to lost productivity in the office. Rudeness can be bullying with a different name.

Managing Yourself To Get Ahead - On the Job star
How to Be a Star at Work: Nine Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed was written by Robert E. Kelley, in 1998. It was on my discard list, however after re-reading a couple of chapters, I now plan to keep it and read it again.

Work Smarter Not Harder star
On The Job. Does it feel like you are overworked? Maybe you are. However, it could be that you are working hard but not smart.

Are You Ready for That Job Interview? star
Some questions have become standards that every interviewer asks potential employees. However, there are no standard answers. Still, there are some do´s and don´ts that can help when answering those standard questions.

Become a Key Person at Work star
One of the first things to remember is anyone and everyone can be replaced. A key person is not always the boss or the person who makes the big bucks in your place of business. A key person is the one who is sought out for information that may not be documented or is documented but long lost.

Becoming Successful star
On The Job - Becoming successful does not necessarily mean making six figures. It can also mean feeling good about yourself and your job by managing your time and your work space.

Bragging Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly? star
On the job or in business it is often necessary to toot your own horn to get ahead. So go on and send the boss a memo and let her know that you have finished that difficult project. Don't downplay your hard work and effort to get the job done.

Creating Harmony In The Workplace star
Working a 9 to 5 can be more than be financially rewarding, it can be intellectually stimulating as well. However, there are bound to be those days when you wonder why you subject yourself to suffering work problems, bad manners and bad attitudes.

Dealing With Family Problems at Work star
At one time or another each of us have had to go to work while dealing with a family or personal crisis. What can you do? How do you cope?

Fired? Leave Your Job With Grace And Dignity star
Don't burn your bridges. Instead, leave your job with grace, you won't regret it.

Get a Personal Life Outside of Work star
It can be difficult to leave your workplace and simply forget about it, especially if you are an administrative person; someone's schedule is always in the back of your mind. However, that kind of mind-set can take a toll on you, your family and your friends.

Improve customer relations through social media star
One The Job. Can you improve your customer relations department through social networking? Absolutely. These days it is almost necessary to have a social media account. Not because you want one, but because you need one to respond to posts and comments.

Is It Time To Clear Your E-mail Inbox? star
If you do use your in-box to archive, keep your eye on how much available storage you have left. Occasionally get rid of things you definitely do not want anymore.

Is Meshing Work and Home Life a Good Idea? star
Some people pride themselves on meshing their work and home lives. But a MSU professor thinks that we need to separate one from the other.

Keep a Positive Image - On The Job star
Your boss is late for a meeting, even though it's written in red on her calendar--not your fault. You transferred a telephone call which was somehow lost during the connection--not your fault. However, you are being blamed for all that has happened. What can you do?

Keeping Your Office Life Sane star
On The Job. What can you do to keep your office life sane? You can change what you can and not sweat what you can't change.

Make a Good First Impression - On the Job star
It can be tough to be the new kid on the job. What can you do to gain respect? One of the things you should remember is, first impressions stick.

Make Gossip Work For You - On the Job star
You can use gossip to advance your career. The first word of advice is to listen to what others are saying, the second is do not add your voice to gossip.

Making Travel Arrangements for Executives star
I received an e-mail regarding the difficulties of making travel arrangements for managers and other executives. I agreed that putting travel arrangements together can definately be a thankless chore, but knowing where to find help can help.

Manage Work Place Interruptions star
On the job. How do you manage those annoying interruptions at work? If you are constantly barraged by interruptions here are a few ideas for keeping your time to yourself while in the office.

Moving Towards That Promotion star
If you have been passed over for a promotion or title change, the reason may be staring at you in the mirror. Sometimes people are caught in the “She would be good in the position of…"but," loop.

On The Job - Move Up From Administrative Entry Level star
Did you make a resolution to get a better paying job this year? Before you decide to leave your present job, remember a lot of what you get out of your job depends on your attitude.

On Being The Minority In The Office - On the Job star
Being a minority in the workplace is not a black and white issue. Minority can be anything from race, religion, gender, age and everything else in between.

On the Job - Manage Those Interruptions star
How do you manage those annoying interruptions? If you are constantly barraged by interruptions here are a few ideas for keeping your time to yourself while in the office.

On The Job - Supervising Older Workers star
How does a young upstart manager handle managing workers who are older and have more years on the job than you are old? It will take tact and an open mind.

On The Job - Surviving Business Travel Expense Reports star
I worked a 9 to 5 job for twenty-five years. The one task I abhorred was reconciling expenses. Through the years I learned certain tricks to make this easier on my manager and myself.

On the Job - Will You Make a Good Boss? star
Now that you have staff reporting to you, whether one person or ten, remember that a good manager allows workers use their creativity whenever possible.

On the Job - Workplace Blogs star
Have you ever thought of using a blog to disseminate workplace information and news instead of a printed newsletter?

Stop Being Dumped On At Work star
Do you feel like you are being dumped on at work? If your answer is yes, it may be time to stop knowing all of the answers.

The Office Holiday Party star
Office party do's and don't's - You will be fine if you remember these two things: (1) It's still business and (2 If it is posted on the Internet, it is there forever.

Tips For Getting Fired (or keeping your job) star
Are you new to your job? If so, learn how to get fired quickly and soundly, without fail. I offer a little tongue-in-cheek advice on how to get fired, also how to keep your job. Your boss discovering you did not tell the truth on your resume tops the the list of reasons for being fired.

Workplace Conflict - On The Job star
Workplace conflict is bound to happen. Large or small it does not matter, it can eat away at relationships in your workplace or business. You can't always prevent conflict, but you can help yourself and others to deal with it.

Workplace Holiday Gift Swap star
On the Job - The workplace holiday gift swap can be fun, but it can also cause some problems. There is always one story of what went wrong last year. Take care that people are not talking your gift mistake.

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